About Terry

terry mustache

I was born the middlest of three brothers in suburban New Jersey. My parents had incredibly good taste in art (i.e. Rogers and Hammerstein and Miami Vice) and imbued me with the same. My brothers were impossibly funny (as they were insufferable) and instilled me with a great sense of humor and humility.

mom and dad

New Jersey public schools challenged my imagination and taught me to listen well and take direction with ease. For a time, I thought I might go on to make video games or films. When I tried crafting narratives, I found I much preferred being inside them, and became an actor.

tim and brendan

I attained a Bachelor of Arts from Emerson College and began a never-ending journey toward performance perfection. I blog about my auditions, and enjoy having and sharing opinions about video games, which I still love dearly. When the weather is fine, I am a colonial costumed tour guide from The Freedom Trail Foundation.


I live in beautiful Dorchester, Massachusetts, where pączki are only a dollar.